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 DeVante Parker Dolphins Jersey Georgetown (3 Replies, Read 125 times)
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The relatives of the two brothers who disappeared after a boat capsized at Takuba Landing, Konawaruk,Wholesale Jerseys China, are still hoping that the body of the remaining brother will be recovered so that they can get closure to the case.On Tuesday April 23, last, the two men Quason Rover,J.R. Smith Jersey, 37 and Dwayne Thomas, 31 of Lot 66 Front Road, West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, disappeared when the boat they were in capsized. Two Saturdays ago Thomas’s body was recovered but to date there has been no word on his elder brother, Quason.On Tuesday last,Brendan Langley Jersey, a post mortem was conducted on the decomposing remains of Thomas and it was revealed that the man died as a result of drowning,Bob Uecker Braves Throwback Jersey, putting all speculation at rest about foul play being involved. Thomas was laid to rest on Sunday in Mahdia.Ms. Thomas when contacted yesterday said she is still hoping that the remains of her other brother is found.“Every day we call the police as well as other people in the area and they always tell us that they searching but they ain’t find him as yet.”The woman said that the family does not have the resources to go into the interior to look for her brother’s remains and is hoping that the authorities will stay on the case so that the family can get closure.Initially, relatives had said they had suspected foul play after the men who worked as miners, disappeared.The two men who have been working in the Mahdia area went missing after the boat in which they were travelling capsized. According to information received, the two men had an argument with the other miners which led to a confrontation when they decided to leave the camp for the city.The police in a statement had noted that based on investigations, Rover and Thomas, along with another man were using a boat to cross the Konawaruk River, unknown to the owner of the boat.Police spokesman,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Ivelaw Whittaker added that the owner realized that the men had stolen the boat and started to throw missiles at them with the intention of them stopping.From all indication, the men were apparently trying to evade the missiles when the boat capsized resulting in Rover and Thomas falling into the river.
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; wey theta Suo Yao, of course, 8-12.
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