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 Wholesale NFL Jerseys China (3 Replies, Read 29 times)
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CHARLOTTESVILLE,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, Va. (AP) — Virginia outside linebacker Max Valles has decided to forgo his last two years of eligibility and enter the NFL draft.
The 6-foot-5,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, 240-pound sophomore made the announcement Tuesday. He joins junior defensive end Eli Harold in opting to leave school.
Says London: "He took a lot of time during the semester break to think this decision through and he feels it is the right thing to do at this time. I hate to see him go,Supply NFL Jerseys Factory, but I want to wish him the best on his choice to declare for the NFL draft."
Valles is viewed as a raw talent,Wholesale Football Jerseys, and coach Mike London wishes Valles had decided to return for another year of development.
Valles finished second in the Atlantic Coast Conference with nine sacks this season,NFL Jerseys China.
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